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Office Buildings Are Key Energy Consumers And Thus Require Attention To Achieve Efficient Operation. While Individual Office Spaces Are Dynamically Used, Current Building Automation Does Not Receive Information On Utilization That Could Be Used To Adaptively Adjust Energy Consumption. In This Work, We Propose An Approach To Estimate People Count Per Office Space Using Distributed Strategically Placed IR Sensors And Algorithms That Can Process The Distributed Sensor Information. We Detail Our Sensing Node And Evaluate Its Performance In An Office Installation. A Sensor Model Was Subsequently Used In A Floor-wide Simulation Of Realistic Occupant Behaviors To Estimate People Count Per Office Space. The Errors Introduced By The IR Masking Time After Detection Can Be Partially Compensated When Using Distributed Sensor Information. Our Approach Can Be Used For Dynamic, Occupancy-dependent Lighting, Climate, And Appliances Control Of Office Spaces. This Project Uses Regulated 5V, 750mA Power Supply. 7805 Three Terminal Voltageregulator Is Used For Voltage Regulation. Bridge Type Full Wave Rectifier Is Used To Rectify The Ac Output Of Secondary Of 230/18V Step Down Transformer

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