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Every System Is Automated In Order To Face New Challenges In The Present Day Situation. Automated Systems Have Less Manual Operations, So That The Flexibility, Reliabilities Are High And Accurate. Hence Every Field Prefers Automated Control Systems. Especially In The Field Of Electronics Automated Systems Are Doing Better Performance. The Goal Of The Project Is To Develop A System, Which Uses RF Communication To Control The Speed Of Dc Motor Without Any Wired Communication, Which Executes With Respect To The Signal Sent By The RF TX. There Are Several Applications With Dc Motors In Our Daily Life. Obviously There Exists Many Applications Where There Might Be A Need To Control The Speed Of Dc Motors. There Exist Many Ways Of Controlling The Speed Of DC Motor. Of The Available Ones, PWM Technique Is The Most Efficient One And The Same Technique Is Used Here In This Project. According To This Project The Person Who Wants To Control The Speed Of DC Motor From A Distant Place Using RF TX. By Pressing The Keys Available At The RF TX The Speed Of The DC Motor Is Varied By Making Use Of The PWM Technique. This Is Realized With The Help Of Microcontroller.

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