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In Order To Address The Challenges Of Challenging Environmental Monitoring And Costly Labor Management In Greenhouse Vegetable Production, The Study Presents An Agriculture Internet Of Things Framework. It Created A Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring System For Facilities With Vegetables That Made Use Of Computers, Sensors, MCUs, ZigBee, And Other Technologies. First, The System Can View Environmental Indicators In A Greenhouse, Including Air Temperature And Humidity, Soil Moisture, Light Intensity, And Carbon Dioxide, Locally And In Real Time Via Remote Access. In Order To Accomplish The Goal Of Precise Control Of The Greenhouse Climate, The System Can Also Use A Recrimination Node To Regulate The Start And Stop Of Greenhouse Ancillary Facilities. Lastly, The System Can Offer A Technical Means For High Yield And Excellent Quality As Well As A Suitable Atmosphere For The Growth Of Vegetable Culture Of Veggies Grown In Greenhouses.

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