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The Poor State Of The Roads Is The Primary Cause Of Traffic Congestion And Accidents. Potholes Are The Most Prevalent Source Of Hardship On These Types Of Roads, As They Can Jeopardize Safety And Cause Damage To Vehicles. Regular Road Repairs Will Protect Drivers' Safety And Contribute To A Decrease In Vehicle Damage. There Are Numerous Approaches For Detecting Potholes That Make Use Of Complex Machinery And Algorithms.Owing To The Massive Amount Of Data Processing, These Procedures Are Laborious And Energy-intensive. In This Work, We Present An Effective Depth-based Pothole Identification Method That Doesn't Require A Lot Of Processing Or Calculation. The Suggested Approach Uses The Depth Determined By The Ultrasonic Sensor As A Starting Point To Find The Pothole, And Then Mails The Position Of The Pothole. The Findings Show That This Approach Can Be Utilized In The Identification Of Patching Potholes And Keeping The Roads In Good Shape.

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