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This Project Represents A Way Of Developing An Interface To Detect Driver Drowsiness Based On Continuously Monitoring Eyes And DIP Algorithms. Micro Sleeps That Are Short Period Of Sleeps Lasting 2 To 3 Seconds Are Good Indicator Of Fatigue State. Thus By Continuously Monitoring The Eyes Of The Driver By Using Camera One Can Detect The Sleepy State Of Driver And Timely Warning Is Issued. Aim Of The Project Is To Develop The Hardware Which Is Very Advanced Product Related To Driver Safety On The Roads Using Controller And Image Processing. This Product Detects Driver Drowsiness And Gives Warning In Form Of Alarm And As Well As Decreases The Speed Of Vehicle. Along With The Drowsiness Detection Process There Is Continuous Monitoring Of The Distance Done By The Ultrasonic Sensor. The Ultrasonic Sensor Detects The Obstacle And Accordingly Warns The Driver As Well As Decreases Speed Of Vehicle.

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