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A Smart Helmet Has Been Developed That Is Able To Detect Of Hazardous Events In The Mines Industry. In The Development Of Helmet, We Have Considered The Three Main Types Of Hazard Such As Air Quality, Helmet Removal, And Collision. The First Is The Concentration Level Of The Hazardous Gases Such As CO, SO2, NO2, And Particulate Matter. The Second Hazardous Event Was Classified As A Miner Removing The Mining Helmet Off Their Head. IR Sensor Was Then Used To Successfully Determine When The Helmet Is On The Miner’s Head. The Third Hazardous Event Is Defined As An Event Where Miners Are Struck By An Object Against The Head With A Force. An Accelerometer Was Used To Measure The Acceleration Of The Head And The HIC Was Calculated In Software. Tests Were Successfully Done To Calibrate The Accelerometer. The Experimental Prototype Consists Of Three Sensors Namely Gas, Infra Red And Proximity Sensor For Their Usage And The Sensor Data Are Monitored In Pc Via Zigbee Transceiver Unit.

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