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RFID Based Voting System

The Main Objective Of This Project Is To Design And Develop A RFID Based Electronic Voting Machine And Using Fingerprint Scanner For Authentication For Sorting Out The Wired Electronic Voting Problems. The Design Is Based On The Microcontroller (ATmega2560), RS232 Cable Which Is Used For Interfacing Between Microcontroller And The Fingerprint Module, Liquid Crystal Display (16X2) For Displaying The Instructions And Voter Information, Fingerprint Module For Scanning Voter’s Fingerprint Before Voting, RFID Reader, RFID Tag, Buzzer Alarm. If Indian Government Adopt Biometric Voting System For Voting Purpose We Can Easily Avoid Rigging In Election. Database Comprising Personal Details Of All Voters And Fingerprint Are Stored In Microcontroller For Comparing And Verification During Polling. If Already Vote Casted Person Enters Into Booth With His RFID Tag For Second Time Voting, Then Buzzer Will Alert Booth Level Officer. This Electronic Voting Machine Will Save Time And Efforts Of Human. Thus, The Proposed EVM System Is More Fast And Reliable As Compared To Existing Electronic Voting System. At The End Of The Polling, Just By Pressing The Button Result Can Be Obtained. The Security Of Data, Privacy Of The Voters And The Accuracy Of The Vote Are Also Main Aspects That Have To Be Taken Into Account While Building Secure Electronic Voting System. Overcoming The Disadvantages Of Current Voting System, This Project Provide A Secure And Reliable Voting System

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