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The Goal Of Our Project Is To Attain Improved Travel Information And Electronic Ticketing Using Smart Cards. The Smart Cards Are Similar To That Of An ATM, So That They Can Be Recharged And Can Be Reused Often. Smart Cards Are Secure Portable Storage Devices Used For Several Applications Especially Security Related Ones Involving Access To The System’s Database. This Looks Into Current Trends In Smart Card Technology And Highlights What Is Likely To Happen In The Future. The Smart Card Has A Microprocessor Or Memory Chip Embedded In It That, When Coupled With A Reader, Has The Processing Power To Serve Many Different Applications. The Smart Cards Are User- Friendly And So It Can Be Used For Public Transport Networks (PTNs).It Can Also Be Noted As A Service-oriented Architecture. Railways Are The Important Key Aspect For The Development Of The Indian Revenue. Many People Are In Need Of Train Transportation Than Any Other Means Of Transportation Because A Number Of People May Travel At The Same Time. So People May Prefer Smart Cards For The Traveling Purpose Instead Of Booking The Tickets. The Existing Fare Booking System Can Be Replaced By Smart Cards

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