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Embedded Systems Are Designed To Do Some Specific Task, Rather Than Be A General-purpose Computer For Multiple Tasks. Some Also Have Real Time Performance Constraints That Must Be Met, For Reasons Such As Safety And Usability; Others May Have Low Or No Performance Requirements, Allowing The System Hardware To Be Simplified To Reduce Costs. Embedded Systems Are Not Always Standalone Devices. Many Embedded Systems Consist Of Small, Computerized Parts Within A Larger Device That Serves A More General Purpose. For Example, The Gibson Robot Guitar Features An Embedded System For Tuning The Strings, But The Overall Purpose Of The Robot Guitar Is, Of Course, To Play Music. Similarly, An Embedded System In An Automobile Provides A Specific Function As A Subsystem Of The Car Itself. Though Fingerprint Identification Is Widely Used Now, Its Imperfect Performance For Some High Security Applications, Such As ATM, The Access Control Of Nuclear Power Stations And Exchequers, Etc, Is Still A Challenge. In High Security Applications, An Extremely Low False Accept Rate And As Low As Possible False Reject Rate Are Desired At The Same Time, Which Is Called Double Low Problem In This Project. It Is To Be Noted That Even A Fingerprint System With Very Low Equal Error Rate Cannot Achieve Such A Double Low Goal. It Is Difficult To Solve Double Low Problem Only By Improving The Performance Of A Certain Individual Fingerprint Identification Algorithm, And The Fusion Of Various Fingerprint Identification Algorithms Becomes A Promising Way. In This Paper, A Hybrid Fusion Method Of Fingerprint Identification Is Proposed To Solve Double Low Problem. Firstly, Minutiae-based And Ridge-based Matching Algorithms Are Used Orderly, Which Is A Kind Of Serial Fusion Strategy. Secondly, A Rank-level Fusion Is Used, Which Is A Kind Of Parallel Fusion Strategy. Experiment Results On Fvc2002db1 And Fvc2002db2 Indicate That Only 6.6% Fingerprints Are Falsely Rejected On The Average Under Zero False Accept Rate With Our Method, While 14.8%, 9.4% Fingerprints Are Falsely Rejected Under Zero False Accept Rate With The Serial Fusion Strategy And The Parallel Fusion Strategy, Respectively.

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