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In Recent Years, There Has Been A Significant Increase In The Building Of "smart Homes" And The Transformation Of Conventional Homes. This Can Be Attributed To A Number Of Technologies, Including Cloud Computing, Sensors, Smart Phones, Smart Appliances, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, And Microsoft Cortana. Smart Houses Were Initially Designed To Improve The Standard Of Living For Regular People Without Disabilities. Remarkably, We Have Observed That Owners Of Smart Homes Are Enjoying The Advantages Of Energy Conservation, Security, And Control Over Their Door Locks, Coffee Makers, Lighting, And HVAC Systems When They Are In Their Comfortable Zones, Such As On A Couch Or In Bed. But The Majority Of Smart Home Appliances Aren't Made With Keeping Those With Restricted Mobility And Disabilities In Mind. Of Course, Older Adults And Those With Physical Limitations May Greatly Benefit From Being Able To Use Smart Technology To Regulate Household Appliances. The System Described In This Paper Uses Smart Plugs, Smart Cameras, Smart Power Strips, And A Digital Assistant Like Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Google Home, Alexa, Or Amazon Alexa To Record Voice Commands From People With Physical Disabilities And Speak Them In A Way That Makes Controlling Common Household Electrical Appliances Easier.

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