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This Project Focuses On Developing An Embedded System For Exploration And Research Based On VIN (vehicle Identification Number) Vehicle Identification & Control System. This Paper Is Designed And Implemented Based On The ZigBee Technology Of The Vehicle Automatic Identification System. It Uses A Multi-layered Data Encryption Algorithm Key Lock And These Methods Effectively Combine The Systems Of Motor Vehicles In Order To Ensure The Security And Reliable Of Critical Data In The Vehicle System. This System Can Also Control The Vehicle According To The Control Zones Like Hospital Zone, School Zone And Traffic Zone. For Example The Zone Control System Contains Microcontroller Stored With Zone Information And Transmitting The Data To The Vehicles Through The ZigBee Wireless Network. According To The Zone Information The Vehicle Side Microcontroller Controls The Vehicle Speed In Case Of School Zone And Volume Of Horn Sound In Case Of Hospital Zone. Also This Project Can Perform In Tollgate Operation. The Vehicles Are No Need To Stop In The Toll Gates, As The Vehicles Cross The Toll Gates, The Information Automatically Will Be Transferred To The Toll Gate System Database. As An Added Advantage, The Vehicle Tracking Also Is Possible, So The Anti Theft Can Be Obtained Easily And Automatically.

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