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This Project Is An Innovative Electronic Parking Payment System That Provides The Ultimate Solution For Drivers, Municipalities And Private Parking Lot Owners. This Enables The Drivers To Be Charged For The Exact Period Of Time Parked, While Simplifying The Monitoring And Collection Of Parking Fees. This Powerful RFID Card Functions As An In Vehicle Parking Meter, Eliminating The Need To Search For Coins When Finding A Parking Place. This Project Also Provides An Efficient Alternative To Coin Operated Meters And Pay And Display Ticketing Systems. Simple And Cost Effective To Implement, This Project Operates As A Standalone System Or Alongside Traditional Parking Payment Systems To Eliminate Fraud And Reduce Cash Handling. Every Driver Owns His Vehicle Parking Card. This Card Contains The Amount For The Parking Fares. The Smart Card Readers Will Be Fixed Everywhere At The Car Parking Centres. If A Person Wants To Park His Car In The Parking Centre, He Has To Show His Parking Card Before The Reader Before Parking. The Reader Reads The In Time Of The Car And Passes The Data To The Microcontroller. When The Car Exits Out From The Parking Centre, The Driver Once Again Has To Show His Card So That The Reader Records The Out Time Now. Checking The In And Out Times, The Controller Calculates The Parking Fare And Automatically Deducts This Amount From The Driver Parking Card. If The Balance Is Low In The Card, A Buzzer Alert Will Be Indicated And The User Has To Recharge The Card For The Parking Fares. The Amount Of Balance Deducted Will Be Visualized On LCD Display.

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