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Security Is A Prime Concern In Our Day-to-day Life. Everyone Wants To Be Asmuch Secure As Possible. Due To Increased Crime In Our Country, Everyone Is Worriedabout Their Safety. You Need To Be Secure And Safe Not Only When You Are Away Fromhome, But When You Are Home. Usually, People Ignore The Fact That They Are Monitoredwhen Alone At Home. So We Go For DTMF Based Door Locking System Which Is Moresecure.In Dual Tone Multi Frequency Each Key You Press On Your Phone Generatestwo Tones Of Specific Frequencies. So That A Voice Can't Imitate The Tones, One Tone Isgenerated From A High-frequency Group Of Tones And The Other From A Low Frequencygroup .The System Comprises Of A Number Keypad And A Mobile Phone To Enter Thecode And A Circuit That Responds To The Right Sequence Of Digits That Are Keyed In.An Access Control For Doors Forms A Vital Link In A Security Chain. Thesystem Consists Of A Code Lock System, An Alarm System And A Driver Circuit To Openand Close A Gate. The Lock System Makes Use Of A Pin To Grant Access To Individuals.The Pin Is Chosen By The Individual Who Wants To Secure The Door. The Best Of Thesemodels Include The Lock And The Keypad All On One Unit. The Pin Can Be Entered Throughan Attached Keypad Or Through A Mobile Phone Device .since A Mobile Phone Can Beused To Control The System It Has The Advantage That It Could Be Remotely Controlledfrom Any Place That Has Network Coverage. It Has The Capability To Detect Unauthorizedentry And To Inform The Same Using A Buzzer Alarm

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