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One Of Humanity's Biggest Problems Is Traffic Accidents. Every Year, Road Traffic Accidents Claim The Lives Of Almost 1.25 Million Individuals. Between 20 And 50 Million Additional Persons Sustain Non-fatal Injuries Each Year, The Majority Of Which Result In A Handicap. Road Traffic Accidents Are Expected To Become To The Sixth Most Common Cause Of Death By 2030 If Nothing Is Done About Them. Thus, There Is A Far Greater Need Than Ever For Safety Features In Cars. Severe Injuries Are Caused By This Issue, Especially In Low- And Middle-income Nations Where The Number Of Motorcyclists On The Road Is Rising. This Article Details The Creation And Testing Of An Interactive Bike Safety System Prototype, With A Primary Focus On The Youth Of This Generation. In Addition To Voice-based Communication, Speed Measurement, Road Condition-based Speed Control, And Accident Detection And Notification Features, The System Also Has Alcohol Detection. Parents Or Guardians Can Also Access The Vehicle's Speed Online With This Feature.

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