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Seating Arrangement Of Students During Examinations Is Distributed. Students Face Difficulties As They Have To Scrounge For Their Examination Hall Numbers And Seating Arrangement While They Are Wits End. An Innovation Which Could Aid The Students In Finding Their Exam Halls And Seats Would Be Welcoming And Very Rewarding. This Paper ―RFID BASED EXAM HALL MAINTENANCE SYSTEM‖, Presents A Modernized Method Of Examination Hall Management. It Is Possible For A Student To Identify The Particular Exam Hall From Any Other Hall, When They Swipe RFID Card In A Card Reader Located There. This Helps Them To Identify The Floor Or Get Directions To Their Respective Halls Without Delays. The Card Reader Is Provided At The Entrance Of The Building, If The Students Enters Wrongly A Buzzer Alarm Sets Off, Otherwise The Room Number Is Displayed On The LCD, Connected To Controller. This Project Uses Regulated 5v, 750ma Power Supply. 7805 Three Terminal Voltage Regulator Is Used For Voltage Regulation. Bridge Type Full Wave Rectifier Is Used To Rectify The AC Output Of Secondary Of 230/18v Step Down Transformer.

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