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The Goal Of Our Project Is To Rescue The Plane Which Gets Lost During Distress Situations While Flying Above Oceans Specially, Because The Search And Rescue Teams That Require To Locate The Flight And Its Passengers Are Huge And Involves High Cost. And There Are Planes Still Not Recovered. In The Existing System , There Are Facilities To Alert The Rescue Team Using A Location Transmitting Beacon Called ELT(Emergency Locator Transmitter) That Transmits Distress Signal At 406MHz Frequency. The Main Disadvantage That We Are Concerned Is That The Transmitting Beacon Does Not Transmit Signals Under Water Leading To A Great Difficulty In Locating The Missing Flight . Therefore To Locate The Plane And Save Human Lives Immediately, We Proposed A System That Ejects A Floatable Object That Transmits The GPS Location Of The Plane Continuously When It Senses The Water During Landing Gear Is Off Which Means The Flight Is In Distress Condition. By Doing So, We Can Locate The Flight Much Easier Without Requiring Huge Search Teams In A More Cost Efficient Way. And We Also Utilised Solar Energy Resource To Recharge The Battery In The Floatable Object Until The Rescue Team Reaches. Thus The Rescue Team Receives The GPS Value Continuously Using Wireless Communication Device (ZigBee) Under High Frequency 2.4GHz. This Ejection Mechanism Is Placed In The Tail Section Of The Plane Where The Black Box Is Located, Which Contains All The Information And Cockpit Conversations.

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