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Dams Are Extremely Important Since They Are Used For Irrigation And Hydroelectricity Generation. Over The Years, This Has Led To The Construction Of Several Dams In Promising Locations. Due To The Numerous Risks Connected To These Dams, It Is Therefore Imperative To Establish An Appropriate Monitoring And Shutter-opening Management System In Order To Ensure That The Water Level In Dams Is Kept At A Safe Level. Man-made Disasters Can Result From Poor Dam Management. In Our State, Dams Are Currently Supervised And Managed Manually. This Manual Intervention Can Cause A Delay In Decision-making And Raise The Likelihood Of Inaccuracy.The Creation And Deployment Of An Internet Of Things (IoT) Based Disaster Monitoring And Management System For Dams (IDMMSD) Is The Goal Of This Project. The Suggested System Includes Real-time Water Level Monitoring Of A Set Of Dams That Are Being Investigated. Excessive Rainfall In The Catchment Area Or Abrupt Variations In The Water Levels Of Nearby Rivers Or Lakes Might Cause Variations In The Water Levels. A Mechatronics System Is Part Of The Proposed Concept To Open The Shutters At Predetermined Heights. The Communication System, Smart Controller, And Sensor Nodes Make Up The System. The Suggested System Is An App-based Internet Of Things System That Would Track And Transmit Dam-related Metrics In Real Time, Such As Gate Position, Water Outflow, And Water Level, As Well As Meteorological Data, Such As Temperature, Humidity, And Rainfall. The System Also Includes Features Like SMS Alert To The People.

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