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The Number Of Gadgets Connecting To The Internet Is Increasing At An Extremely Rapid Pace These Days. All We Had Before Were Personal Computers (PCs) And Mobile That Was Connected To The Internet, But Millions Of Devices Are Now Connected To It Thanks To The Internet Of Things, Or IoT, Idea. As A Result Of The Internet Of Things' Development, The Concept Of Machine-to-machine Communication—which Allows Two Devices To Talk With One Another—as Well As The Availability Of All Data—previously Stored On Private Servers—on The Internet For Remote User Access. Almost All Businesses Can Benefit From IoT Use, Especially Those Where Communication Speed Is Not A Concern. This Paper Suggests Using Cloud-based IoT The Field Of Agriculture. The Fundamental Idea Behind Precision Agriculture Is To Ensure That The Proper Number Of Resources Are Available At The Correct Moment. These Resources Could Be Anything, Including Pesticides, Light, Water, Etc. In The Proposed Article, The Advantages Of IOT Have Been Leveraged To Implement Precision Agriculture. The Basic Concept Is To Detect Every Necessary Parameter From The Agricultural Area And Make The Necessary Decisions To Operate The Actuator. Soil Moisture Content, Surrounding Plant Temperature And Relative Humidity, And Light Intensity Are These Agricultural Characteristics. Appropriate Action Is Performed In Response To The Readings Obtained By The Sensor; For Example, The Irrigation Valve Is Turned On Based On Measurements Of Soil Moisture, The Fogger Valve (which Sprays Water Droplets) Is Turned On Based On Measurements Of Relative Humidity (RH), Etc.

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