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The Pandemic/epidemic Of COVID-19 Has Affected People Worldwide. A Huge Number Of Lives Succumbed To Death Due To The Sudden Outbreak Of This Corona Virus Infection. The Specified Symptoms Of COVID-19 Detection Are Very Common Like As Normal Flu; Asymptomatic Version Of COVID-19 Has Become A Critical Issue. Therefore, As A Precautionary Measurement Oxygen Level Needs To Be Monitored By Every Individual If No Other Critical Condition Is Found. It Is Not The Only Parameter For COVID-19 Detection But, As Per The Suggestions By Different Medical Organizations Such As WHO It Is Better To Use Oximeter To Monitor The Oxygen Level In Probable Patients As A Precaution. People Are Using The Oximeters Personally; However, Not Having Any Clue Or Guidance Regarding The Measurements Obtained. Therefore, In This Paper, We Have Shown A Framework Of Oxygen Level Monitoring And Severity Calculation And Probabilistic Decision Of Being A COVID-19 Patient. This Framework Is Also Able To Maintain The Privacy Of Patient Information And Uses Probabilistic Classification To Measure The Severity. Results Are Measured Based On Latency Of Blockchain Creation And Overall Response, Throughput, Detection And Severity Accuracy. The Analysis Finds The Solution Efficient And Significant In The IoT Framework For The Present Health Hazard In Our World.

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