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These Days, Scrolling Display Boards Are Frequently Seen. Digital Advertising Is Becoming More Common. As A Notice Board, LED Scrolling Display Boards Are Increasingly Being Used In Large Stores, Malls, Train Stations, Bus Stops, And Educational Institutions As An Efficient Means To Communicate With The Public. However, These Prefabricated Components Lack Considerable Flexibility In In Terms Of Rapidly Changing The Message. The User Must Be Present At The Display Board's Location In Order To Alter The Message Because This Requires Utilizing A Computer. It Indicates That The Message Cannot Be Altered At Any Time Or Place. Additionally, The Display Board's Delicate And Intricate Wiring Prevents It From Being Positioned Elsewhere. The "LED Scrolling Display Board Based On GSM" Is Aparadigm For Sending Messages Via A Mobile Device In The Form Of SMS In Order To Show Notices Or Messages At Locations That Need To Be Noticed In Real Time[1-3]. Because The System Is Wireless, A New Message Can Be Displayed Without The Display Board Needing To Be Reset. The Project's Goal Is To Create A Moving Sign Board That, In Contrast To Desk-bound Devices Like PCs And Laptops, Allows The User To Instantly Alter The Scrolling Message Using An Application On Our Mobile Phone Service. Even When The User Is Far Away Via WiFi, They Can Update It. Anywhere Inside The Wi-Fi Range, At Any Moment, Can Edit The System.

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