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Toward Facilitating The Everyday Life Of Disabled People Researches Have Put Together Technologies Such As Computing, Networking And Telecommunication In One Environment Called A Smart Home. Enabling Disabled People To Overcome Their Handicap By Providing A System That Replaces What They Lack Is What Makes Such A Work Interesting And Important. We Have Developed Such A Space By Stepping Ahead Of RFID Based Laser Hand For Physically Challenged This Was Accomplished By Integrating Reader And Tag To Our System. To Show The Effectiveness Of The System, We Developed A First Prototype That Covers Parts Of The Theoretical Design. Further Work Can Be Done By Actually Transforming Our Prototype To An Actual House Where Disabled People May Benefit From Day By Day, As The Technology Is Rapidly Progressing That Affect The Physically Human Daily Lives More Flexible, Especially In Controlling Home Appliances. Electrical Installations Are The Heart Of Every Building, Thus Intelligent Building Control Absolutely Ensures The Safety And Efficient Control And Finally Saves The Power Consumption And Manpower. Home Automation System Does The Operations Such As Lighting Control & Regulation, Regulating Heating, Equipment’s Ventilation And Air Con Equipment, Load, And Energy Management, Audio Or Video Systems, Security And Monitoring, Human Machine Interfaces And Other Control Tasks.

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