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The Ecology And Human Health Are Seriously Endangered By Air Pollution. Due To The Expensive Expense Of The Monitoring Equipment, Air Quality Monitoring Stations Are Sometimes Restricted To A Small Number Of Places. They Give A Sketchy Representation Of The City's Air Quality And Ignore Regional Variances. Arrayed Sensor Networks Can Now Be Used To Assess Air Pollution In Real Time At Numerous Places Using Low Cost Sensor Technologies And Wireless Communication Systems Like The Internet Of Things (IoT).Air Pollution Is The Largest Environmental And Public Health Challenge In The World Today. Air Pollution Leads To Adverse Effects On Human Health, Climate And Ecosystem. Air Is Getting Polluted Because Of Release Of Toxic Gases By Industries, Vehicular Emissions And Increased Concentration Of Harmful Gases And Particulate Matter In The Atmosphere. Particulate Matter Is One Of The Most Important Parameter Having The Significant Contribution To The Increase In Air Pollution. This Creates A Need For Measurement And Analysis Of Real-time Air Quality Monitoring So That Appropriate Decisions Can Be Taken In A Timely Period. This Paper Presents A Real-time Standalone Air Quality Monitoring System Which Includes Various Parameters: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature And Humidity. Internet Of Things Is Nowadays Finding Profound Use In Each And Every Sector, Plays A Key Role In Our Air Quality Monitoring System Too. Internet Of Things Converging With Cloud Computing Offers A Novel Technique For Better Management Of Data Coming From Different Sensors, Collected And Transmitted By Low Power, Low Cost Microcontroller. Here Node MCU Used For Upload The Data In To The Cloud And GSM Module Used To Send SMS At Each Particular Time Interval.

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