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Smart Card Based Guard Monitoring

There Has Been Rising Demand For Secure System That Must Be Dependable And Quick Respond For The Industries And Company. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Is One Of The Consistent And Fast Means Of Identify The Material Object. In The Long-ago The Barcode’s Are More Preferable As Compared To RFID Because Of Their Cost But Now A Day’s RFID Are Easily Available And Are More Convenient To Use. Research Has Made Some Drastic Changes Which Makes Its Programming A Lot Shorter And Easier Is Because Of Replacing Microcontroller With Arduino. Arduino Makes The Circuit And Programming A Lot Easier To Understand. Paper Is Based Upon Security Access And Control System Using RFID And Arduino With GSM Module. Some Of The Sensors Are Used Like PIR, LPG For Leakage Detection. Security Access System Is Very Convenient To Use At Home, Office And Commercial Buildings.

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