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In This Project, We Introduce A New Technique In Automobile Technology About How To Keep 10 Meter Distance Between One Vehicle And Another Vehicle, So That The Vehicle Don’t Crash Or Cause Any Traffic Problem. The Aim Of The System Is To Prevent Accidents Mainly Due To Not Knowing The Following Distance (i.e., 10m) Between One Vehicle And Another Vehicle. The Proposed System Comprises An Idea Of Having Safety While Reversing A Vehicle, Detects Any Object Within The Following Distance, And Displays The Distance Between One Vehicle And Another Vehicle To The Driver Using LCD. We Have Used Ultrasonic Sensors To Detect Any Vehicle On Both Front And Back Side Of Our Vehicle. This System Is Also Used In Large Crane Which Is Mainly Operated In Harbor Area. If The Car Reaches 10 Meter, Green Color Light Will Glow. At 8 Meter Distance Yellow Color Light Will Glow. When It Reaches 5 Meter Distance Red Color Light Will Glow. The Distance Is Also Indicated To The Vehicle Driver. By This Proposed System, The Safety Is Maintained On Crowded Areas And In Vehicle Reversing Process.

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