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As Residential Area Grows, All The Needs Of People Have To Be Satisfied For An Issue Less Life Especially In Case Of Water. Water Distribution Networks Are Said To Be The Most Interesting Domain For Research Activities. It Focuses On Distributing Water To All Channels (connections) In A Particular Area. Various Actions Performed With This Activity Are, Checking Whether All Channels Gets Water Supply, Evaluating The Amount Of Water Flow In Appropriate Channels, Intimation On Over Consumption By The Users, Ensuring That The Supplied Water Is With Good Quality. Every Area Is Provided With A Centralized Water Distribution Unit Which Distributes Water To All Home Units In That Particular Area. Human Generation Experiences A Serious Water Scarcity. One Of The Reasons For This Is Inefficient Water Distribution Systems And Negligence Involved In Management Of Available Water. This Has Given Rise To New Water Conservation Concepts To Get Better Water Management Especially In Urban Areas. The Conventional Water Distribution And Management System Has Certain Disadvantages Like Extreme Conditions Such As No Water Or Overflow Of Water Causing Wastage Of Water. Traditional Involves Higher Amount Of Human Interventions Which May Lead To Errors In Water Management.

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